Sunday, July 17, 2005

Everyone's talking about the Illinoise

As eclectic, ambitious, and utterly big as it is, there's no wonder that folks everywhere are talking about Sufjan Steven's Illinois record. Here are a couple of illuminating new interviews with the ingenius singer/songwriter:

1. First, check out the Onion AV Club's chat with Sufjan. (Thanks to bloop for the link!)

O: Some of the topics you landed on make perfect sense, but why, out of all the people from Illinois, did you choose to write a song about John Wayne Gacy?
SS: I kind of wanted an anti-hero, because I had been working on material for Superman and Metropolis, and developing themes that were really big for the World's Fair and the Sears Tower,
and using Saul Bellow and Carl Sandburg and Abraham Lincoln. And I felt like all the information I had gleaned was really optimistic, about the resilience of the Midwestern worker and the industry and commerce that went into developing Chicago as a major American city. So I guess I wanted to develop a story for a character that went against all of these other themes.

2. Second, here's an older, pre-Illinois interview in which Sufjan discusses his plans for future 50 states albums. (Thanks to Brenden for this one!)

Are you going to do New York?
I would like it if each record had a certain musical style and I would like New York to be rock, punk rock. I would like Oregon to be kind of folky, and New Jersey is movie soundtrack meets Broadway musical.

3. Finally, don't forget to check out the 40-minute set that Sufjan played for KCRW radio last Thursday.


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