Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Musical Graffiti, 7/19

A few noteworthy music-related headlines for today, lovingly stolen from the blog of Jeffrey Overstreet:

  • Elvis Costello and Emmylou Harris must have had a great time working together on The Delivery Man last year, 'cause now they're touring together.
  • Speaking of Emmylou, here's AMG's review of her new best-of collection.
  • Michael Stipe reflects on the conclusion of REM's Around the Sun world tour.


Anonymous marianne said...

I hadn't heard of Emmy's new best-of collection. I think she has a couple others out. I haven't heard some of the songs on this one but I like quite a few of the ones included. some of my favorite-favorites are noticeably absent though. I think I may make my own best-of Emmylou mix cd...

6:29 PM  

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