Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Critical Condition: Death Cab for Cutie

Today's the big day for Death Cab for Cutie fans, but Pitchfork has some bad news. In a rare moment of complete level-headed sanity, everyone's favorite indie rock 'zine admits that, contrary to popular opinion, Death Cab for Cutie is not the greatest pop band of our generation. Says critic Joe Tangari:

In a way, it's comforting to know what you're getting: Four or five songs you'll treasure, four or five you'll tolerate, and a pretty good band sticking to their guns. In another sense, it would be nice if a band reaching for a larger audience had a sound that matched that sense of ambition.

Rob Theakston also sounds a bit disappointed in his review at All Music Guide:

But those hoping for a bit more -- for the bar to be raised higher -- might find this a mildly predictable exercise in Gibbard exorcising the demons of Phil Collins that haunt him. Plans is both a destination and a transitional journey for the group, one that sees the fulfillment of years of toiling away to develop their ideas and sound. But it's with the completion of those ideas that band is faced with a new set of crossroads and challenges to tread upon: to stay the course and suffer stagnation or try something bold and daringly new with their future. Which road they'll take will make all the difference.
And the general critical consensus seems to be... meh.


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