Saturday, August 06, 2005

Holy Swordfishtrombones! How did I miss this guy?

I have never heard a song by Danny Cohen in my life, but I suddenly find myself very eager to hear his new album, We're All Gunna Die. The cause of my curiosity is twofold: First, there's Thom Jurek's rave review at AMG:

In his own stubborn and savant way, Cohen is as important as Tom Waits, though he sounds nothing like him: he combines musical elements that have no business being together in song structures that make little sense to conventional ears yet he is utterly accessible and melodic. His lyrics are funny, poignant, sad and revelatory, they come from the font of human kindness, even if that kindness looks like the monster under the bed. We're All Gunna Die is Cohen's finest moment yet.

And the second is this endorsement from the blog of Andy Whitman:

Tom Waits protege Danny Cohen's album "We're All Gunna Die Someday" is weird and wonderful. He sings about the Summer of Love, Baba Ram Das, organically grown zucchini, power to the people, and then bleats like a sheep. All in the same song.

Man... two of my favorite music writers are not only raving about this guy's music, but they're comparing him to the great Tom Waits! Immediately, this album is at the very top of my must-hear list.

Has anyone else heard this record? Would you recommend it to me?


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