Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Kanye guess who's opening for U2?

Suddenly, I find myself very interested in hearing the upcoming Kanye West record, Late Registration. Why? Well, The Detroit News has three good reasons:

1. It's produced by Jon Brion, renowned film composer for Magnolia, Punch-drunk Love, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

2. The album is said to mark quite a genre-hopping departure for West:

In a Q&A session afterwards, West made it clear he looked outside of hip-hop for inspiration for "Late Registration," saying he and Brion spent hours in the studio listening to old Beatles and Jackson 5 records.

There are enough musical flourishes on "Late Registration" to make any audiophile's ears perk up, which is not surprising, considering West and Brion's influences: There's pipe organs on "We Belong," a 20-piece orchestra on "Gone," a harpsichord on "Diamonds" and a string section on "Hey Mama."

3. Perhaps the best reason of all... rumor has it that West is going to be opening some dates for U2 on the third leg of their Vertigo Tour!


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