Monday, August 29, 2005

Lucinda Williams readies Knowing

Yeee-HAW! Less than three years after her latest and greatest album, World Without Tears, Lucinda Williams is already talking about her next studio album, Knowing. Says Billboard:

Notorious for taking her time between album releases, Williams says she has two dozen songs already written and recorded in a rough mix state for her next studio project, which is tentatively titled "Knowing" and may be released in early 2006.

"I guess I just had a good spell of writing," Williams says. "But I'm not sure how I'm going to do it because I have a lot of country stuff and I have some blues/gospel things and pop and rock. It's just all mixed up. And now, we've been out playing them on the road live and they're going over really well."

Among the songs expected to get stage time during Williams' upcoming six-week tour North American tour are the old school jazz-flavored, Nina Simone-style "Where Is My Love?," the edgy "Come on" and the pop/rock track "Real Love."

Williams said she also has a traditional country duet track, "Jailhouse Tears," which is decidedly in the George Jones-meets-Loretta Lynn motif; she suggested Hank Williams III or Jack White as the type of singer needed to pull off the song.


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