Thursday, August 25, 2005

Musical Graffiti: Sufjan! Arcade Fire! Radiohead! Much more!

Several noteworthy newsbytes this afternoon:

1. Sufjan Stevens reigns again! According to MetaCritic, Illinois has reclaimed its title of Best-Reviewed Album of 2005 from New Pornographers' Twin Cinema.

2. Arcade Fire has a side project? Apparently so... meet Bell Orchestre!

3. Beck is coming to the big screen!

4. Rolling Stone is raving and raving about the new Kanye West album... and yet, somehow, their review has all but diminished any interest I had in hearing the project.

5. Radiohead has taken up blogging! Visit Dead Air Space for frequent updates from the studio as they document the recording of their new album.

6. Dashboard Confessional is out to rid himself of the emo tag... and the only reason I care is because he's working with producer Daniel Lanois to do it.


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