Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Pretty Little McKay

Rolling Stone reports that genre-defying singer/songwriter Nellie McKay will release her sophomore album, Pretty Little Head, on October 18th.

I bought McKay's two-disc debut album, Get Away From Me (my review), based on a good friend's recommendation, and my reaction to it was... um... get away from me! It was a musically eclectic ride, full of surprises and unexpected stylistic shifts, but McKay's lyrics generally ranged from slightly empty to just plain stoopid.

Based on the Rolling Stone article, though, it sounds like she'll be tackling some more meaningful subject matter this time around:

Songs on the outspoken artist's Pretty include "Cupcake," which McKay says is about gay marriage, and "The Big One," "about a tenants' rights activist."

Hmmm... let's hope she tackles these topics with some degree of tact and finesse rather than dogmatic zealotry; if she works on her poetry a little bit, McKay really could be a dangerous artist.


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