Thursday, August 11, 2005

Rethinking Belladonna

A month after first hearing Daniel Lanois' new instrumental album, Belladonna, my enthusiasm is beginning to seriously diminish. At first, these songs sound like strange, exotic soundscapes-- and indeed, they are. But, even after spending several weeks with Belladonna, there are only a couple of tracks that really stand out to me from the rest of the album-- and even THOSE are hard for me to remember once the CD stops spinning.

My original gushing, I guess, was premature. Here's my full review.

Many artists—like Peter Gabriel and Moby—have proven that “background music” can be just as intriguing, just as inspiring, and just as provocative as rock ‘n’ roll. Though Daniel Lanois—God bless him—has created something unique and, at times, very beautiful with Belladonna, it’s a difficult album that may be best described using two of its song titles: “Dusty” and “Frozen.”


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