Thursday, August 11, 2005

Say yes! To the Ragbirds!

My frequent partner in listening, Jeffrey Overstreet, has discovered Yes Nearby, the mysterious, eclectic debut album from The Ragbirds.

The most engaging new band I’ve heard this year is The Ragbirds, led by erin Zindle: small “e”, big “Z.”

It’s an unconventional name for an unconventional singer. Zindle and her cohorts stir up a style-shifting row on their debut, Yes Nearby, with such enthusiasm, confidence, sincerity, and skill that it’s not hard to imagine them growing up to be one of those beloved bands of spirit and substance like Over the Rhine and The Innocence Mission. Attention, dispirited fans of the now-defunct Sixpence None the Richer: You can stop crying now.

My review of The Ragbirds-- along with my interview with singer Erin Zindle-- will be posted soon. Until then, I'll just give an emphatic "Yes!" to everything Jeffrey said in his review.


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