Friday, September 16, 2005

Cokemachineglow takes on Jars of Clay! considered by many to be Pitchfork Media's kid brother-- is celebrating their 3-year-anniversary by having each of their staff writers review the first CD that he or she ever purchased. Among them: Jars of Clay's Much Afraid!

And surprise, surprise... they actually like it!

Curiously, the reviewer makes the rather sweeping statement that Much Afraid is the best album to ever come out of contemporarey Christian music. That doesn't really mean anything-- it's like saying that being poisoned is the best way to be murdered-- but it does beg the question: What's your favorite album to ever emerge from CCM Land?

My vote: She Must and Shall Go Free, by Derek Webb. And I'll be saying much more about his music very soon, when a special Webb-related feature is posted at Reveal early next week!


Blogger Lisa said...

I'm gonna go with Mercury by The Prayer Chain.

2:10 PM  

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