Thursday, September 01, 2005

Critical Condition: David Martin on Nickel Creek

Here's a treat for all you Nickel Creek fans. David Martin-- a friend of mine and a long-time Nickel Creek listener-- has weighed in on their new album, Why Should the Fire Die?

For what it's worth, I posted my own initial impressions of this album a while back, and I think I'd stick with my first response to the album; that is, I think the music is wonderfully melodic, the arrangements impressively progressive, the vocal harmonies utterly beautiful, and the musicianship quite solid. Alas, the songwriting still seems stuck in high school diary mode; while I appreciate the band's willingness to approach deeper, darker subject matter, their lyrics just aren't very artful.

But reading Martin's review makes me wonder if maybe I should give this disc one more chance. What say you folks? Anyone want to challenge my criticism of Nickel Creek's lyrics?


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