Monday, September 19, 2005

Critical Condition: Patty Loveless

I'm dying for my chance to hear the new Patty Loveless album, Dreaming My Dreams.

Not that I've ever been a big Loveless fan. But this album boasts songs written by everyone from Steve Earle to Richard Thompson to the great Joe Henry. And just check out Thom Jurek's rave review at All Music Guide:

This is an adventurous outing for the likes of Music City. But Loveless has a track record that demands she get to take any chance she wishes. But the amazing thing still is her voice; it never strays from the heart and soul of country music's grand tradition. The ballads here (such as "Nobody Here by That Name" or "When Being Who You Are Is Not Enough," by Jim Lauderdale and Leslie Sacher) are otherworldly; the rockers, such as Delbert McClinton's "Some Kind of Crazy" and Thompson's tune, strut, swagger, and dig deep into the basic emotions of love and loss. Ultimately, the sheer range of sounds, emotions, and the integrity of Loveless' voice make Dreaming My Dreams a candidate for country album of the year.


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