Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Musical Graffiti, 10/12-- Bono is... ubersexual? Flaming Lips return to rock; and more.

All the music news that's fit to link:

1. Usually I'm up for anything that involves Bono and/or Jon Stewart, and both of them together... well, that just can't be beat. Still, I'm not quite sure what to make of this article, which lists Bono as the #1 "ubersexual" man alive. (Stewart comes in at #10.)

2. Another update on the upcoming Flaming Lips disc, At War with the Mystics. Wayne Coyone talks to about the album's political nature and the band's return to the world of rock and roll.

And while it would be easy to read political implications into the album title, Coyne says he hopes the material will be able to transcend current events.

"It's so easy to point fingers, especially with the current administration being such buffoons," he says. :But I remind people, what would we do instead? It does get to be an abstract thing because it's not your problem. We talk about gas prices being high, but damn, turn on that air conditioner. Some of these songs, even though they feel as though they're talking about current events, hopefully, like all good songs, they last forever, because they talk about what's happening inside of you."

Oh, and if you're wondering what took 'em to long to finish this album... it may have something to do with their first feature film.

3. And didja hear about the new live disc from Bright Eyes? (Caution: Article contains some foul language)


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