Thursday, October 13, 2005

Musical Graffiti, 10/13-- New album updates from Radiohead, Wilco, and Coldplay. (Yes, that Coldplay)

Well, if the above teaser title doesn't get you salivating, you must not be much of a rock and roll fan. Here's a trio of news blurbs that caught my eye this morning:

1. Radiohead's Thom Yorke blogs about the band's progress in the studio... and actually gives us some substantial information! Check out Thom's entry from October 11 for a new song title, lyrics, and even some hints at the new album's sound.

2. Wilco's new live album, Kicking Television, has been bumped back two weeks; the two-disc set is now set to release on November 15.

3. Finally, in what may be the most intriguing Coldplay-related story I've ever heard, Chris Martin says that the band is already working on new material... and that fans can expect a big change in the band's sound. Says Martin:

We're always working on new material. We've got no laurels to rest on. We're still looking for our laurels in my opinion. We've everything to prove and we've finished phase one of Coldplay and now we're going to enter phase two, which could be the Abba phase it could be the transvestite phase, who knows, but it'll definitely be good.

Wow... if he's serious, this could be the first time I've ever been truly eager to hear a new Coldplay album. Here's hoping, anyway.


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