Thursday, November 03, 2005

Musical Graffiti, 11/3-- Kate Bush! More Kate Bush! Sheryl Crow! U2!

Today in music news:

1. NME has gone Kate Bush crazy! Not only do they have an exclusive interview with her, but they've also got her upcoming double album-- Aerial-- which you can stream for free!

2. I still haven't heard Sheryl Crow's new album, Wildflower, but Jeffrey Overstreet has. I don't always agree with Jeffrey, but I do the vast majority of the time... so, I, um, may not make much of an effort to hear this album now...

3. Oh, and U2 fans... looks like Bono and the boys have got even more surprises in store for the remander of their tour. Check out what songs thay've been rehearsing recently... unless you want to avoid any kind of tour spoilers.


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