Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Musical Graffiti 12/20-- Dylan! Over the Rhine!

I know, I know-- I'm waaay behind on reporting music news. And for that I apologize-- it's been awfully busy here at Reveal headquarters, and I'm just now finding time to get back into blogging.

So, most of you have probably heard most of these headlines already, but for those who haven't...

1. Bob Dylan... radio DJ? Yep... it seems that ol' Zimmy is getting his own XM Radio show. Pretty darn cool, but there are two things that keep me from being as excited as I might otherwise be. First, I'm too poor to afford XM Radio at this point. And second, I'm still wondering... where the $#&% is his new album?!?

2. And speaking of Dylan... did you hear that one of his songs has been transformed into a musical? The times, they are a-changin' indeed.

3. Over the Rhine puts on another spectacular Christmas show at the Taft Theater.


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