Sunday, December 04, 2005

Musical Graffiti, 12/4-- New album updates from Minus Five, the Shins.

Yeah, I know... Christmas is still two weeks ago, so looking ahead to the new year is just silly. But 2006 has a ton of promising new music in store for us... including the self-titled album from The Minus Five-- or, as they're calling it, The Gun Album. 'Cause really, how could you go wrong with a band that boasts members of REM, Wilco, and the Decemberists? Paste has the scoop on the new record, due February 7.

And in other news... it sounds like the Shins are gradually finishing up their third album-- which will hopefully prove once and for all that Death Cabe for Cutie is not, in fact, the most enjoyable indie pop band around.


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