Friday, January 27, 2006

Musical Graffiti, 1/27-- Beth Orton! Elvis Costello!

Just a couple of quick links, highlighting some exciting upcoming releases:

1. Rolling Stone has the scoop on Beth Orton's new disc, The Comfort of Strangers-- and it sounds fabulously intimate.

For the pared-down record, Orton stripped away the electronic elements and lush orchestrations that were staples of her previous albums. "I wanted to make the music that I liked to listen to, and I wasn't listening to electronic music," she explains. "For me, the thread that runs through everything I love is soul, is folk . . . In the end, it came to me like, 'You know what I want to make? A folk-gospel-soul record with a country tear dripping down its cheek.' But then at the same time, I wanted to do that as sparsely and minimally as possible."

2. The Elvis Costello Home Page has posted the tracklisting for Costello's new live album, My Flame Burns Blue, releasing Feb. 28.
  1. Hora Decubitus
  2. Favourite Hour
  3. That's How You Got Killed Before
  4. Upon A Veil Of Midnight Blue
  5. Clubland
  6. Almost Blue
  7. Dust (only on Japanese release)
  8. Speak Darkly My Angel
  9. Almost Ideal Eyes
  10. Can You Be True?
  11. Put Away Forbidden Playthings
  12. Episode Of Blonde
  13. My Flame Burns Blue (Blood Count)
  14. Watching The Detectives
* It's worth noting that All Music Guide lists a fifteenth track-- "God Give Me Strength." Boy do I hope they're right about that one!


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