Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Have you ordered YOUR Taft CD?

Have you ordered YOUR special edition live album from Over the Rhine, recorded just this past December at the Taft Theater?

If not... you should.

If so... boy are you in for a treat. Just get a load of this tracklisting:

1. Faithfully Dangerous
2. Spark
3. Born
4. Lookin' Forward
5. Drunkard's Prayer
6. White Horse
7. Etcetera Whatever
8. Fever
9. Son of a Preacher Man
10. Moondance
11. My Love is a Fever
12. Paper Moon
(and a hidden track - from Sunday at St. Elizabeth's, just a taste...)

I heard the band play "Moondance" when I saw them back in October, and rest assured that, if the recorded version is half as good as the one I heard, it alone will be worth the price of admission.


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