Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Joseph Arthur pulls a Ryan Adams

Holy oversaturation, Batman! Joseph Arthur's done pulled a Ryan Adams! In addition to a showcase of his paintings, Arthur's got three new albums slated to release this year. Billboard has the details:

One new album, dubbed "Invisible Parade," is already finished, having been recorded in 10 days in Berlin. "I had a bunch of songs I was writing on the road," Arthur tells Billboard.com of the 11-track set. "I'd been working on a bigger production record in Los Angeles for awhile, but I just wanted to do something really minimal. I've never done that before; something totally stripped-down. I decided to go to Berlin and find a studio and self-produce it."

Arthur says he plans to finish the L.A. sessions in March, all the while juggling work on a separate, entirely instrumental album. The only problem? The artist is currently without a label in the United States, having parted ways with Vector after the release of 2004's "Our Shadows Will Remain." Arthur was previously signed to Peter Gabriel's Real World imprint as well as Universal's Enjoy label.

"There's a couple of indies we're talking to, but I'm thinking about just going completely indie and putting [new music] out myself," Arthur says of finding a new label home. "I don't really see why not."


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