Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Musical Graffiti, 2/8-- Flaming Lips! Prince!

So have ya heard about the new Flaming Lips album?

It seems like rumors have been speading about the thing for multiple years now, and, since I've never been a huge Lips fan to begin with, it hasn't exactly been at the top of my must-hear list. But after reading this song-by-song description of At War with the Mystics-- written by the Lips' own Wayne Coyone-- I gotta admit that I'm growing rather intrigued.

Oh, and the first single, available on the most recent Paste sampler, is a lot of fun.

Thanks to opus for the link!

And speaking of fun... did you catch Prince's performance on SNL last weekend? DADGUM! The man's on fire! See for yourself here.


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