Thursday, February 09, 2006

Some things you shouldn't get too good at...

You know, even those of us who hate awards shows know that, as much as we hate to admit it, they really do matter. I mean, let's face it... do the Oscars actually celebrate artistry or excellence? Heck no. But if you win an Oscar, your film is going to get a lot more exposure and respect than it would have otherwise. Period.

Same goes for the Grammy Awards-- which are really even more absurd than the Oscars, but man, it still feels nice when they get it right. And this year, they got it right. Bono and the boys were the big winners last night-- even winning Album of the Year for the first time since The Joshua Tree. And sure, they've made at least three albums since that time that were more deserving of a Grammy than Atomic Bomb, but still... it's awfully nice to see them getting kudos from the musical community.

Here's a quick recap of last night's awards.


Anonymous Jess said...

What three albums? Achtung Baby, yes. All That You Can't Leave Behind, yes. Pop? I would say yes, but not too many people would. The fact that they seem so proud of the Bomb makes me want to love it more, and it's been a slow burn for me, but I do love it more than I did back in '04.

CNN has a great video clip of them eating pizza with all their Grammys sitting around them. The interviewer remarks that they've won every Grammy they've been up for with this album, and Edge says "Is that true?!"

8:31 AM  

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