Friday, March 17, 2006

Musical Graffiti, 3/17-- The Overstreet Edition!

Big thanks to Jeffrey Overstreet for providing me with two blogworthy links for today.

First, don't miss the sneak peak of Ron Sexsmith's new single, from his upcoming album Time Being (May 16). Sounds fantastic.

And, check out Jeffrey's rave review of the new Don Peris album, Go When the Morning Shineth:

Go When the Morning Shineth is Don Peris's second solo venture, and this one is mostly made of instrumentals, with two songs along the way--one of which features Karen, and in the other he's joined by Denison Witmer.

From the dreamy “Day Trip,” with its rhythm-guitar punctuation and honey-drip guitar plucking, to “Jubilee,” in which he provides himself with jazzy drum accompaniment and interweaving layers of loop effects, it's clear that Peris is feeling a bit more experimental than usual.

The guitar stylings will be familiar to Innocence Mission fans, but the atmospheric effects give some number a fresh twist.

Can't wait to hear it!


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