Thursday, April 20, 2006

Bird is back... and busy!

Great news via Pitchfork Media-- it seems that Andrew Bird, the man responsible for my favorite album of 2005, is not only embarking on a major tour this summer, but he's also hard at work on a new studio album, and plans to release a live set later this year! According to Pitchfork:

What we're curious about is how Bird, who's in the midst of knocking out a new record, is setting aside the entire summer for this jaunt, especially when the yet-to-be-titled follow-up to last year's The Mysterious Production of Eggs is slated for an early 2007 release. Looks like Andy B. has some stellar time management skills... or he's practicing his fresh tracks on tour. According to, who spoke with the Chicago musician, Bird has delivered new songs "Dark Matter", "Plasticities", and "Sycophants" to live audiences, and will likely continue to do so throughout his summer adventures. Also on the album is the tentatively-titled "The Armchair Apocalypse", which serves as the record's centerpiece. That name should be set in stone, in Pitchfork's humble opinion.

Of the record's style, Bird commented to Billboard, "I'm writing stuff that's big and spacious, with long, stretched out phrases, a sense of large, open air. But it's also really concise. I'm trying to keep it to 10 songs, but short is pretty hard to pull off when you're trying to create space. I did a recording session in the barn where I opened all the windows and miked everything, just recording three hours of ambient noise. Now I just have to find a way to work it in."

Haley Bonar and Chris Morrissey, who worked backup on The Mysterious Production of Eggs tour, and of course, Dosh, are contributing to the effort, which is being recorded at Bird's barn in rural Illinois, Electrical Audio in Chicago, and various studios in Minneapolis. Producer Ben Durrant has been working closely alongside Bird as well.

Also on the agenda are a live album (featuring both Bird and Dosh), set for self-release in the fall, and a September tour.


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