Tuesday, May 09, 2006

More new album news: Erin McKeown

Great news from the May edition of the Erin McKeown newsletter:

NEW ALBUM NEWS- here it is, buried in the may newsletter, but we wanted to send out a little teaser to the loyal fans. MCKEOWN has just finished recording a new album, the promised STANDARDS project. recorded live in 4 days, the album features an all star cast that will be familiar to many of you who have seen MCKEOWN play over the last year. SAM KASSIRER did his dance on the piano and wurly. TODD SICKAFOOSE brought his inimitable tone to the low end. ALLISON MILLER hit her drums with the perfect mix of humor, precision, and balls. and MCKEOWN brought it home with banjo, electric and acoustic guitars. to say this record is fun is a serious understatement. seriously. we'll have more news next month, but you can mark your calendars for a release later this year.

For what its worth, McKeown's last album, We Will Become Like Birds, was one of my five favorite albums of 2005.


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