Thursday, June 08, 2006

Beware The Drift!

Earlier this week I had a chance to listen to Scott Walker's new recording, The Drift.

It won't be the album I listen to the most this year. In fact, listening to it is such exhausting work that I probably won't listen to it much at all. It's as emotionally draining, as utterly terrifying as any album I've ever heard.

And it will probably be one of the year's releases-- if not the release-- that sticks with me the most.

It's a chilling, utterly disarming piece of work that demands your full attention. It's a long, slow cycle of disturbing images, fractured poetry, and surreal bursts of sound. It's unlike anything you've ever heard.

And just get a load of these reviews!

"This is out in the margins, removed from 'pop' and 'alternative' genres by the scale of its reach, its bloody and bold ambition. It is complex, multilayered, densely plotted, wordy. It's also scary, harsh and bruised."

"It's unlikely that any other album will sound much like The Drift this year, and even less likely that it could be forgotten if heard even once."

"No easy listening feat by any stretch of the imagination, Scott Walker's The Drift will provide critics and general music fans with talking points for the next 10 years. It is, simply, a work of staggering emotional sentiment and complexity that few will be able to match."

"The Drift--in all its nightmarish, bloody glory--is as bold and profound a comment on our times as has emerged so far this century."

"The Drift is like a nightmare you look forward to repeating."


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