Monday, August 07, 2006

Tom Waits| Orphans Tour| Nashville, TN

Goodness gracious-- last night's Tom Waits show was truly one of a kind. I've never been to a show with such an enthusiastic crowd; the auditorium was sold out, and there were even people standing along the back walls. There were people who had come to Nashville from Dallas, New York, even Germany to see the show-- it is, after all, Waits' first American tour in at least six years-- and everyone there was clearly a huge fan; the man sitting next to me said he owned a bar in Texas called Tom Waits' Bar! And good grief... I've never heard such thunderous applause from an audience craving an encore; there was stomping, shouting, pounding on the walls, and all manner of cacauphonous mayhem.

As for Waits, I can see why he doesn't tour more often; it's a miracle his voice has held up the way it has. He sounded as strong and as powerful as I've ever heard him, shouting and howling and spitting and growling his way through a two-hour set. Like it or not, the man's voice is just incredible. He was animated and theatrical, dancing around the stage, his whole body shaking. He was warm and funny, too, telling stories and bantering with the audience. He's a very witty and coherent guy-- much more personable than I was expecting, honestly.

Here's the set list, as taken from another Web site; there were two or three songs that I didn't recognize, so I'm taking their word for it:

Make It Rain
Hoist That Rag
Shore Leave
Gods Away On Business
All The World Is Green
Blue Valentine
Down In The Hole
Cemetery Polka
Tom Traubert's Blues
House Where Nobody Lives
Cause Of It All
Bye Bye Baby
Murder In The Red Barn
Shake It
What's He Building In There
Trampled Rose
Get Behind The Mule
Don't Go Into That Barn
It Rains On Me
Sins Of The Father
Going Out West
Day After Tommorrow
Heartattack And Vine


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